Almost in PEI!

Well you have certainly noticed by now that I haven’t been able to use my blog to post updates but instead have been using my Coast to Coast facebook account.

I ran into too many problems with internet connections and it was way too time consuming that Facebook messages have worked best for me. Some people still think that you need a Facebook account in order to follow me but really you don’t. If you have a Facebook account, just click to “like” my Coast to Coast Rhode Trip page and you will be able to follow my daily updates. If you don’t have a Facebook account, just click on the link below every time you choose to follow me and you will be directed to my page:

You can still use my blog to donate to Wellspring Niagara! So far I have raised $6410 which is amazing! Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me in so many ways and there’s still time to donate. I have another 3 weeks left on my Coast to Coast Rhode Trip and can only imagine the experiences still ahead of me.

Please check out my Facebook post earlier today to see what I had to bury…and the pictures below of the shirts my Dad had made for my family cottage outing earlier this month at Lake Nippissing.  Cheers!



Sault St. Marie to Lauzon Lake Resort (July 2)

After a days rest from Canada day, I was excited to get back on the road. I had planned to cycle to Blind River which was 135 km away, but actually ended up continuing to ride further and stayed at Lauzon Lake Resort.


This campground was right on the lake, and even included a sauna. One of my favorite campgrounds to stay at so far.


I am now heading off to Espanola, which is 90 km away.

Ignace to Savanne River Resort and Campground

Today’s ride started at 9 am, right after my morning coffee to get me going. I knew today was going to be long since it was a 125 km ride to the Savanne River Resort and Campground. Oh, can’t forget about that lovely wind yet again.

After leaving Ignace, my muscles were definitely warmed up thanks to the steep climb to begin the ride. It was a very hilly ride with many little lakes and rivers along the way. The riding conditions were yet again very dangerous since I was restricted to about a half a foot of shoulder. This makes for a nervous and uncomfortable day, especially the fact that there are more trucks than actual cars commutting.


I met a new friend along the way as well. His name is Elliot. It was about 85 km into the ride and I saw him standing out in a field eating some grass. He was pretty cool, but he ran away when I tried to pet him. Haha im kidding I would never attempt something like that.


Once I was into the last 40 km of the day, the exhaustion and headwind began to take a toll on my body. I aggravated the same muscle I did a couple days ago, and my body was being pushed to the limit. My plan to help combat this is to lighten my load that I am carrying down to the bare minimum of essentials. I will be shipping home my blue backpack which sits on the back wheel with some items inside.

All of this will be done after tomorrow’s ride into Thunder Bay, where I will be taking a rest day to get a massage. It will be a 115 km ride and praying to god that the wind isn’t in my face, or at least not as vicious as it has been.

Good night, and here’s another selfie from today while I was taking a quick break!


Kenora to Dryden & Dryden to Ignace

Please note that my wireless adapter which enables me to upload my photos from my camera has broken. I apologize for minimal or no photos.

June 19: Kenora to Dryden

First off I would like to thank Jen, Sheldon, Charlie, Emmie, and Ace their dog for allowing me to stay at their house in Kenora. It was nice to relax in such a beautiful city, and then enjoy some company and good times later at their house. You guys rock and made my stay in Kenora one to remember!

The ride out of Kenora was the start of a promising ride through Ontario. By promising I mean full of lakes, forests, rocks, and wildlife. It was a long day of 140 km to ride, with tons of winding hilly roads.


It is much different than riding through other provinces because there are much less cities along the way and places to stop for food/water. This means that carrying extra food and water is a must even though it adds a lot of weight.

As for the hills, well, its all about keeping your speed for as long as possible until gearing down and then climb your way to the top.

My end destination for the day was Dryden, at the Best Western just off of the highway. It was really nice to soak in the hot tub and have a comfortable place to sleep for the night. Not to mention the delicious dinner I had at the hotel restaurant. Especially since it rained through the night which would have made for a rough morning.

I want to thank Lorrie, Darren, and Chelsea Schmidt for being so kind and covering the cost of my acomadations and food for the evening. It was definitely great timing with the weather to be under a roof, and I would not be enjoying my trip as much as I have been without special people like yourselves.

June 20: Dryden to Ignace

I started my day off with a large breakfast at the hotel, courtesy of the Schmidt family. Thanks for fueling me up for a very tough ride I had today!

Just as I was about to leave the hotel, I had passed by an employee who had asked about where I was headed. I explained my story and then she told me she was a cancer survivor. This is proof that cancer touches everyone’s life, whether it be family or someone you know. This disease affects so many people, and being able to have support while going through these tough times is essential. Thank you Margaret from Best Western for donating to Wellspring Niagara and helping the Niagara region community. This was a nice way to start my day off on a positive note!

I left around 1015 from the hotel, and as soon as I got on the highway it was a headwind right off the bat. Not only was it windy, the roads I had to ride on were definitely not suited for cycling. Throughout the 105 km ride, I had many many breaks. My muscles were aching, the wind was mentally and physically exhausting, and the hills only made things worse. I must admit, after the ride was completed my legs felt worse than they did from the mountains.


The road I had to ride on today, no shoulder and only one lane

As soon as I got into town I stopped for some dinner at Subway. As I was arriving, I met a gentleman named Mark. He was curious as to what I was doing and where I was going. After chatting for a couple minutes, he ended up paying for my whole meal! Little does he know, but he totally cheered me up and made the rest of my night. It is amazing how the little things that happen in life can truely add up to change your perspective on the bigger picture. Thanks a lot Mark, and have fun at the wedding you are headed to!!


I am now settled at the campground in my tent, praying it does not rain for the morning. I will be having an early start tomorrow, hoping to be on the road by 830 to complete my 125 km ride before the grocery store closes. My destination is the Savanne River campground, about 20 km east of Upsala. Goodnight!



A day well spent in Kenora

My day was not officially started until I had a coffee in my system, which was complimentary of the awesome staff at Anicinade park campground. I had then decided that I was going to spend this beautiful sunny day in Kenora. I packed my belongings and headed towards the downtown harbour front.

On the way to the harbour, I was on the look out for a much needed haircut. I stopped in at Heights of Fashion Center and had my hair cut by Jenny. She was great to chat with, and she even told me to add the 20$ it was for the haircut to my fundraising total. Thanks so much Jenny for the free cut and helping contribute to my ultimate goal of $10,000!


Sitting along the shore of the lake of the woods

After my haircut I was headed to the market which was Kenora’s first of the summer. It was a great place to browse around and check out all the cool things that were being sold.


This is where the market was being held

While I was inside the market a lady told me about the MS Cruise Boats of Kenora which take you through the lake of the woods. The tour showcases the natural beauty and islands of cottages in the area. For a small price I hopped aboard and was off on a small tour.


From the very beginning as soon as we left the harbour I knew I was going to enjoy the ride.


Spectacular sights of small islands, cottages, and boats cruising by was definitely the highlight of my day. I hadn’t been up north in a while and this boat tour was a great start to my adventures in Ontario.


During the boat ride through many many islands, we came across this popular rock that was painted in the shape of a face. I wish I had my GoPro camera with me so I could have taken a selfie with it!


After an hour and a half of cruising through Kenora, the tour had come to an end. Overall I was impressed with the staff on board and there was even a tour guide on the speakers outlining every attraction along the way. A fantastic way to spend my day.


Once I got off the boat, I biked to a nearby park which was recommended by the wonderful girl at the information center. While I relaxed by the shoreline and watched as the boats went by, the same girl stopped by to donate $40 since her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Thank you so much for doing that, put a smile on my face! Gotta love Ontario, great to be back.


Also, a big thank you to Rachel Webb for helping me out with a place to stay in Kenora at her cousins! It will be nice to have some company for the night and get a goodnight sleep before I head off to Dryden tomorrow.

Winnipeg-Falcon Lake & Falcon Lake-Kenora

June 16 was my ride from Winnipeg to Falcon Lake. Hundreds had come to join in on my ride that day, if only they were humans and not mosquitos, bee’s, and black flies. This was my first taste of what I am about to endure the next month riding through forests, lakes, and rocks. I was so surprised how the bugs were keeping up with me at 35 km/hr!


Thanks to all the trucks and cars who moved to the other lane, you would think the trans Canada hwy has a shoulder...

During my ride I passed by longitudinal center of Canada, which means although I have approx 5000 more km left I passed the halfway point in terms of the country.


My destination for the evening was Falcon Lake Beach Campground. Situated right along it’s name sake, Falcon Lake, it brought back many memories of my younger camping trips up north.


Falcon Lake beach area

I was beginning to experience the change of environments since leaving the flat lands, then through parkland and now so close to Ontario.


June 17 was a very exciting day for myself because I was entertaining into my home province of Ontario. I definitely did not get to the border without an introduction to the hills I will be cycling through. So many lakes and continuous forest. I can tell it is Ontario!!


The destination for today was Kenora’s municipal campground. The ride into the town was awesome because I was right along the lake.


I was enjoying the downtown harbour and watched the planes take off from water and land. Free entertainment at its finest.


Anicinade park campground where I was staying was just 80 km away. The staff were so friendly I was given free firewood and starter, ice cream, and a slushie at no cost! The campground has got to be one of my favorites on the trip so far simply because it very well kept.


Ahh what a relaxing way to spend my night. Roasting hot dogs on a bun with dijon mustard on a beautiful night.


I guess after the campfire tonight I won’t have to do laundry for a while because I have my campfire cologne on.

My day tomorrow is going to be a long day. The section from Kenora to Ottawa is the most strenuous part of the trip. There are constant hills which will break up my rhythm and exhaust my body much faster. Not to mention the moose and bears I have to look out for while cycling. I will be trying to get from Kenora to Dryden which is 140 km away with a wind coming from the east. Hopefully I make it there!

Here’s another fantastic selfie I took with my friend…


Fundraising Goal Increased to 10,000 !

After four provinces complete, I will be rolling through the Ontario hills for the next month. As a kick start to my beginning adventures in my home province, I have increased my goal to $10,000 since I surpassed my previous one. I am currently at $5220 fundraised for a wonderful charity, Wellspring Niagara.

Over the past month I have been on the road, the amount of people I’ve met who share some incredible stories is crazy. Anyone who asks what I am doing and why, quickly connects to how horrible cancer can be. Whether it be a personal relation or even a distant friend, we are all surrounded by cancer.

I am honoured to inspire others and feel blessed to have the opportunity to take on this challenge. Even if I can put a smile on someone’s face or just brighten their day. For example, a wonderful couple bought me booster juice in Princeton because one of their parents were suffering from cancer and they were inspired by what I was doing. I thanked them a ton for their kind act and it reminded me how the little things in life can make a big difference.

I am hoping that as I cycle through Ontario, I can increase the awareness of my journey much more with the help of my followers, friends, and family. Even if you share this page on your Facebook, email it to a friend, or even just by word of mouth. My first checkpoint for my new goal is to reach $1 per kilometer cycled – which would be $7500. Bring it on Ontario and lets reach this goal!!

*To donate, you can either go to or click the “donate” menu option on the website. *